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Colombia - Huila Terraza Anaerobic Pink Bourbon

Colombia - Huila Terraza Anaerobic Pink Bourbon

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We are excited to offer another stellar Colombian coffee here at Tacet. These beans demonstrate how anaerobic processing can be done right! The beans are fermented for 28 hours, leaving a clean and vibrant cup of coffee that boosts the existing flavor profile. This coffee has a definite fruit flavor that is perfect for warmer weather or iced coffee!

Origin: Colombia
Farm: Huila Terraza
Process: Anaerobic, washed
Elevation: 1850-1950 masl
Tasting Notes:  grapefruit, grape, honeysucle
Size: 12 oz bag of whole beans

Local Pickup option available only to customers in Lexington, KY. Pickup location is the Beaumont Kroger. Email me at to arrange a pickup time or for other options. 

Want to buy ground coffee? Message me and we can make it happen!

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