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Tacet Coffee

Harmony Blend, 12 oz.

Harmony Blend, 12 oz.

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We are so tickled about how well this blend came out. It takes a lot of time to plan, order, roast, brew, and finally settle on a good blend recipe and this one was everything we hoped for!  We took a chocolatey rich Central American blend and added a dash of bright fruity African beans to it. The result is a warm, accessible cup of coffee that has been a serious crowd pleaser. 

How does our new Harmony Blend compare to the 2022 Holiday Blend? They are so similar you might call them identical! :-) Multiple customers asked that we keep Holiday Blend on the menu, so we have!

Origin: Blend
Process: Washed/Natural blend
Tasting Notes: Chocolate, nougat, berry 
Size: 12 oz bag of whole beans, or ground for drip

Local Pickup option available only to customers in Lexington, KY. Pickup location is the Beaumont Kroger. Email me at to arrange a pickup time or for other options. 


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