Let's talk coffee...

What does "Tacet" mean?

Tacet is a musical term instructing a musician to rest or pause for a large section of a piece. As a tuba player (yes, tuba!) I would often "tacet" for an entire movement of a symphony. For me, having a mid-morning cup of coffee can also be a chance to take a quick break from the busy-ness of life.

How do you roast your coffee?

Because we focus on Single Origin coffee from specific farms/regions, we think it's important to make sure we can taste, smell and appreciate the uniqueness of each coffee. Therefore, each coffee is roasted several times and the best roast "level" for that coffee is determined. For most of our coffee, this is usually a light to medium roast. This means our coffees tend to be more sweet, floral and fruity flavored. We shy away from very dark roasts at Tacet. It's generally agreed upon that light-medium roasts taste more like the coffee plant and its origin, while darkest roasts taste more like the roasting process itself.

Why are all your coffees named after countries?

In the coffee world, we describe all coffees as "single origin" coffees or blended coffeees. Single Origin coffees come from one farm, or one local coffee processsing plant. The coffee beans are named after the country and farm where the beans came from. This allows coffee drinkers to appreciate the subtle differences between each farmer's crops. Larger roasters and coffee companies are more concerned about uniformity. They want a similar taste between every bag, all year long. But what's the fun in that?

Why does my coffee taste better the longer it's open?

Unlike massed produced coffee, which could be months old by the time you open the container, our coffee is roasted right before shipping. Coffee actully tastes best 1-2 weeks after roasting. It is almost never brewed immediately after roasting! So, don't worry if your bag of coffee is a few weeks old, it could be at it's peak!

BUT, that doesn't mean you should wait to open a bag. Much like fresh baked bread, it's hard to wait to start enjoying it! I usually wait 24 hours after roasting before I give in and start brewing it.

What is the Local Pickup option?

Tacet Coffee is located in Lexington, KY. To help you save on shipping, I offer pickup near the Kroger in Beaumont. Please contact me about a pickup plan at drinktacetcoffee@gmail.com.