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Bolivia -Caranavi Sol De La Mañana Caturra, 12 oz.

Bolivia -Caranavi Sol De La Mañana Caturra, 12 oz.

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Bolivia! There's a coffee country you don't see every day! And for good reason. While neighboring countries like Peru and Colombia measure coffee production by the millions of bags (4 and 15 million, respectively), Bolovia produces less than 100,000 bags per year. Despite a great growing climate, coffee production is limited by the geographic difficulty of transporting the coffee, and many political factors. But, fantastic coffee is still available and these beans are proof. The honeydew/cantaloupe flavor is there and is a rare, but very welcome flavor profile. This is a great natural coffee we are proud to offer!

Origin: Bolivia
Farm: Caranavi Sol De La Mañana Caturra
Process: Natural
Elevation: 1450-1650 masl 
Tasting Notes: Honeydew melon, mango, cocoa
Size: 12 oz bag of whole beans

Local Pickup option available only to customers in Lexington, KY. Pickup location is the Beaumont Kroger. Email me at to arrange a pickup time or for other options. 

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