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Tacet Coffee

Costa Rica - Santa Maria de Dota El Vapor

Costa Rica - Santa Maria de Dota El Vapor

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This natural-processed coffee from Costa Rica was given to all my monthly subscribers. One of them called this one of their "favorite coffees ever" from Tacet! Not surprising, as this is another sweet, juicy and clean coffee from one of my favorite coffee countries, Costa Rica. That comment was all I needed to reorder a small quantity for the shop. Grab it while it lasts!

Origin: Costa Rica
Farm: Santa Maria de Dota El Vapor
Process: Natural
Elevation: 1550-1950 MASL
Tasting Notes: Green apple, berries, sugar cane
Size: 12 oz bag of whole beans

Local Pickup option available only to customers in Lexington, KY. Pickup location is the Beaumont Kroger. Email me at to arrange a pickup time or for other options. 

Want to buy ground coffee? Message me and we can make it happen!


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